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  • LeadershipWe serve IT Leaders who need:


    • Responsive IT at an effective cost
    • IT metrics and best practices
    • Impartial advice from industry veterans 
    • Training and/or mentoring for their IT leaders
    • Upgrades to the IT function and its capabilities
    • Special projects done for which their staff does not currently have the expertise

    The CIO Services Group is a federation of experienced IT experts with extensive knowledge and experience that can fill those needs and others. 

  • Thank you for the urgency you showed for our situation... The fact that you were here, addressing our issues so quickly, reduced our concern about the tasks before us more than you can imagine.
    ...your wise counsel and guidance are helping us tremendously at a crucial time in our company's history, and we truly appreciate you and your team for doing that.

    Mike, HR Director

    ...the strategic planning and governance processes you defined are providing a guiding vision to our department and the entire enterprise.

    Melvin, CFO 

  • TechnologyAre you facing...

    • turnover of IT leadership
    • technology not keeping up with growth
    • trust deficit between business and IT
    • mentoring needs
    • a need for part-time leadership?

    CIO Services Group can turn your challenges into business opportunities with an experienced hand guiding your IT strategy and delivery.

  • Ask yourself...


    • Is IT responsive to the changing business needs of your organization?
    • Is IT providing the services you require at an effective cost?
    • Do you need help and expertise to provide the IT solutions your business needs?

    CIO Services Group has leaders who know their strengths, have faced the hard issues, and have delivered with actions and communication. We know the risks inherent in taking decisive action - risks that must be taken to move the enterprise. 



Is IT capable of supporting
your business vision with a
thorough technology strategy?
CIO Services Group
will accelerate your
technology strategy to
full business alignment
and readiness for the future.



Experienced leaders can
measure your IT department's
effectiveness. Are you ready for
future technology developments?
Is your organization structured for
maximum effectiveness?
Let us guide you to improve
your valuable IT assets.



Leadership is the full-time job
of all CIOs and IT Directors.
If your enterprise has a
leadership gap, your value
for each technology dollar
will be compromised.
Engage our mentors
to train your team 
to think strategically and
create business value.



We've been where you are...
how do I make the most
of the resources available?
Vendors, ERP, applications,
infrastructure, organization,
training, consultants,
governance, metrics.

CIO Services Group
can show you how to
optimize and communicate
IT's value proposition.