Banking and Finance

With decades of experience at several large regional banks, savings and loans, banking software vendors, item processing facilities, and financial printing firms, our consultants offer depth, breadth, and variety of banking experience. As CIOs and other officer positions we have hands-on experience with:

  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Treasury
  • Tellers
  • Branch management
  • Compliance
  • eCommerce
  • Credit Cards (PCI)
  • Cash mgmt
  • Check21
  • CRM
  • CSC / Hogan applications
  • Customer information
  • Data warehousing

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Situation Solution
LARGE REGIONAL BANK unable to make compliance mandated changes to platform (CRM) software due to architectural limitations. These limits also restrict new product development and integration across product lines. 
Enterprise-wide project to specify, select, customize, and implement state-of-the-art system including integrated operational data store, expanded marketing and customer views, infrastructure replacement, and new business processes.
MARKETING DEPARTMENT expenses were elevated due to duplicated mailing costs to multiple customers within single households.  Householding algorithms were added to operational data store that identified related customers within a single household while excluding spurious or accidental household errors. Two million+ customers with four million+ accounts were reduced to eight hundred thousand households for marketing purposes.
CUSTOMER DATA INTEGRITY at a large regional bank was poor and unusable for marketing and customer support purposes. 
Chartered an enterprise-wide committee to define integrity targets, fund projects, and provide resources to do problem identification, analysis, and resolution. Over four year period, integrity of householding rose from 85% to approximately 96%.
MAJOR NATIONAL BANK was running inflexible, in-house developed software and was unable to meet regulatory and market requirements.  With a team that joined customer technicians and software consultants, implemented off the shelf applications that provided for all regulatory requirements, streamlined workflow, and allowed for growth of their loan portfolio.