CIO Services Group provides IT and Business professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise providing IT management consultanting in four broad areas:

LEADERSHIP for IT and business:

  • Executive Advice (Sounding Board)
  • Fractional CIO
  • Project Management
  • Interim IT Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring
  • Communication


Your business may not need a full-time CIO. CIO Services Group can provide short term executive leadership to see you through a transition. 

Or we can engage a few hours a week to ensure your team doesn't miss a beat. Whatever your leadership needs, we have the resources to make the difference.

STRATEGY for meeting objectives:

  • Vision and goals
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Architecture
  • Innovation
  • Business alignment
  • Risks identification & mitigation
  • Sourcing, outsourcing, offshoring
  • Organization development (OD).


Some of the best technical resources are less than stellar strategic thinkers. In a fast-changing business environment you need to ensure that the future state of technology is part of your planning process. 

Business vision and strategy drive technology strategy. 

Make sure that your infrastructure and IT alignment are prepared for the coming challenges.

CIO Services Group has seasoned IT/Business leaders who will prepare your technology direction ensuring the trajectory matches your business.

ASSESSMENT of needs, capabilities, gaps and opportunities:

  • Organization
  • Costs
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Systems
  • Infrastructure
  • Compliance.

Do you know the full story of your technology investment? Every enterprise needs an objective survey of infrastructure, applications, leadership, and resources every five years to ensure that they are spending wisely. 

CIO Services Group can make your IT organization more effective. Call us for an introduction to our assessment services.

OPTIMIZATION of solutions:

  • IT performance improvement
  • Business process improvement
  • Service level improvment
  • Expense reduction and rationalizaation
  • ERP advice, planning and oversight
  • Business intelligence, mining and warehousing
  • IT Infrastructure optimization
  • Staff development
  • Vendor management.

In all areas of IT CIO Services Group has experienced leaders and professional resources ready to boost the performance of your organization.

Whether you are preparing for a big ERP implementation or need to rework your business processes, we can help.

Contact us about an introduction to our team of seasoned leaders.


  • Align IT infrastructure with business and application strategies
  • Accelerate project delivery
  • Reduce costs & optimize investments
  • Improve availability, flexibility and scalability
  • Leverage emerging technology



CIO Services Infrastructure Architecture experts will help your organization with Technology discovery, evaluation of options and alternatives, mobil device issues, implementation planning, virtualization (servers, desktops, etc.). 
We will lead you through emerging technologies and help you develop road-maps for your enterprise.