Analytics and Business Intelligence

Staying competitive in the age of the Web and Social Media is very challenging to any company. The proliferation of electronic business channels makes it harder for companies to understand their customers and the marketplace. 

The migration away from the traditional brick and mortar as the main customer touchpoint creates new problems for the data analysts and business intelligence professionals. It’s not just about the exponential amount of data, but also about the complexities of that data,  and the hidden data patterns that could provide deeper learning and insight.  It used to be about analyzing point of sale data, but now add click and traffic analysis plus more sophisticated techniques.

Do you understand well the technology available to facilitate the process of understanding? Do you require more efficient big data processing and analytic technologies? What are the roles of No-SQL data structures, columnar models, Hadoop, Spark, R, self-organizing maps, K-means, machine learning? Can you effectively integrate any of these into your toolset? What is the best and most cost effective technology suite that will match your needs?

We can certainly help. Our experts have been there and understand how to make you succeed. They not only cover the technical aspects of this quandary, but also the business, financial impact, and technology integration challenges. Give us a call and let’s talk about it.