We live and thrive in the most exciting time in history. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. The marvel of miniaturization, among others, has given us the computing power that has unleashed our business creativity across the entire planet quickly. It will only keep accelerating.

In his book, “The Coming Singularity”, Ray Kurzweil paints a picture of the future at hand and its challenges. Please click on the following link to watch his short video:  The Coming Singularity

Innovation is the cradle of competitive advantage in the market place. The era of sustained business competitive advantages is fading quickly. It is being replaced by the era of quick temporary advantages, otherwise known as the “battle of the product ‘S’ curves”.

Innovation is the engine that produces the temporary advantages to quickly address the pressures from the marketplace and competitors.  That is what success will look like. Rapid adaptability and agility are the traits of successful enterprises, big and small.

Technology is the enabler. Nevertheless, most companies are ill prepared to thrive in the coming era. Although there are certain levels of innovation and flow of new ideas present in your company right now, is your process of innovation “ad hoc”?  Is it a managed process purposely integrated with your company’s strategic objectives and your enterprise risk management processes? Is your success depending on chance or will it come by design?

The good news is that we can help. Our senior and experienced consultants have been helping companies like yours rationalize and establish managed innovation processes that will be key for your future.  Please contact us so we can prepare you for that coming singularity. It’ll be here before you know it.