Do you have the resources to get the job done?

Are your communications with the business effective?

Are you a part of major business decisions or are you the last to know?

Have you surveyed the opinions of the business users?

Do you have an agreed strategic plan?

Do you have the right staff and leadership?

Is your organization prepared for changes in technology such as cloud, smart devices, IOT, analytics?

Is your company’s data and technology safe and secure?

Is your operation SOC2, HIPAA, PCI, and ISO compliant?

Do you feel comfortable with your organization’s governance practices?

Have you successfully completed a risk analysis?

Is your company’s business continuity plan aligned with your disaster recovery plan?

Are your infrastructure, application and data architectures aligned?

Do too many projects miss deadlines and exceed budget?

Should outsourcing be part of your strategy?

Does your staff have needed competencies and a development plan?