Who We Help and Advise

We have helped many companies align their IT organization, IT investment and IT solutions with company objectives and priorities.


·       Is IT bringing value to your company? 

·       Are IT and the other areas of the business aligned, communicating and supporting one another?

·       Does IT understand your business?

·       Has IT kept pace with your organizational growth?  Do you have the right IT leadership?  Is IT providing the expertise you need and expect?

·       Are you compliant with cybersecurity and privacy requirements and best practices:  ISO, HIPAA, S02, …



·       Are expenditures for IT in line with competitors and your expectations?

·       Is IT making good IT investment decisions and are major projects completed on time and on budget?

·       Are you getting the value you expect from IT?

·       Does IT work well with Finance and other areas of the company?

·       Do you see additional opportunities for IT to contribute to the                    profitability and productivity of the company?



·       Are your communications with the business effective?  Do you have an agreed upon strategy and plan?

·       Are you a part of major business decisions or are you the last to know?

·       Is your organization prepared for changes in Technology that are happening such as cloud, smart devices, IOT, Big data, analytics?

·       Have you successfully completed a risk analysis?  Is your company’s Business Continuity Plan aligned with your Disaster Recovery plan?  Is your company’s data safe and secure?

·       Do many projects miss deadlines or exceed budgets?  Do you have the resources to get the job done?


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