Coronavirus Issues

With the introduction of the coronavirus around the world, home and work life has been changing daily.  New problems and new challenges are created with every new governmental, healthcare, economic or scientific announcement, however, it is important that we continue to seek positive, innovative solutions. 

  • When will the coronavirus abate?
  • When will the world return to normal or maybe a new normal? 
  • How will my business survive this change?   

Because of the rapid growth of the virus, most organizations have had to quickly adapt and introduce numerous evolving recommendations.  Many are still changing; some are struggling and most are making every attempt to keep up.

Just as we have settled into our new “locked down”, “social distancing” lifestyle, the focus of government and science organizations is changing again to plan for the return to “normal” and to restore our economic capabilities.  Are you ready? 

While it is easy to reminisce and find comfort in our previous stable environment, it is unlikely that it will be simple.  The return is likely to be graduated and will vary by location, by industry and by complexity of the workforce.  The final result may employ process, technology and organization changes that were tried during the last several months.  The key questions you must answer are:

  • How do we make the transition back with the least interruption to our business and our staff?
  • How do we work with customers, suppliers, partners and service providers so that our return is synchronized and complementary?
  • How will we use technology and information to make our business more flexible and robust?
  • How do we retain our learnings and prepare for the next business disruption?
  • Where do we invest given that our financial models of expenses and income are in disarray?

CIO Services Group is an organization focused on Information Technology change, innovation and organization. We are an experienced team of IT leaders and experts from various industries.   Having held executive positions in large organizations and having consulted for small and medium size companies, we have a good understanding of the technical, financial, and functional aspects of technology and of business processes.

Please contact us to discuss how CIO Services Group can help plan your return to “normal”, innovate with new processes and organization structures, and prepare for your future in a less certain world.

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